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Elegant food Wedding catering in delaware county

Wedding catering in delaware county

Finding the right wedding catering in Delaware County can be difficult. Being located so close to Philadelphia, there is no shortage of wedding caterers who all offer the same or similar foods. Finding a caterer who offers delicious food that you actually want to eat can seem like an impossible task. 

 If you’ve ever thought “I wish my favorite restaurant could cater my wedding” this page is for you. Lucky for you, Newbolds Jenkintown offers catering service to virtually every type of large scale event. 

With an unforgettable food menu and refreshing libations, Newbolds Jenkintown is your premiere service for wedding catering in Delaware County. What exactly sets us apart from other wedding caterers? Keep reading to find out!

Customer Experience Is Everything

Catering companies often do not have a home location where people can come to try their food prior to employment, but Newbolds Jenkintown is not just a catering company. We’re a small business that started out as a restaurant. We know everybody has different tastes, that’s why we want you to come try our food before we cater your wedding! With an expansive food menu, we’re sure that we offer something that all of your wedding guests can enjoy.

Since we started as a small business, we know the value of customer service. While some companies who provide wedding catering in Delaware County come to simply do a job, we come to make sure you have the perfect experience. Customer service is more than just a smile when you’re handing out a meal, it’s making sure that every need is met. Whatever we can do to make your perfect day even better, we’ll do. 

While customer service is important, the main attraction is the food. What do we offer that other wedding catering companies in Delaware County do not? Keep reading to find out.

The Main Attraction

Unlike other companies who offer wedding catering in Delaware County, our entire restaurant menu is available for catering. That means you can take your Friday Night Favorites and share them with your entire wedding party. In addition to our delicious food menu, you can end the evening the right way with some of our savory house wines.

Our catering menu includes customer favorites such as:

  • Salmon With Spinach and White Wine Butter Sauce
  • Risotto with Asparagus, Cherry Tomato, and Spring Onion
  • Pasta with Milk Braised Pork
  • Sweet Potato with Green Beans, and Mustard Cream Sauce
  • All of your favorite pizzas!

Adjustable Anytime

Even if you’re not looking for wedding catering in Delaware County, Newbolds Jenkintown is still the place for you. Our catering department is adjustable and cater to any event of any size including, birthdays, funerals, office parties, cookouts, and more! 

Even if you’re not looking for catering in general, come on down to our location in Jenkintown. Next time you have an event, we’ll be there for you. Stop searching for wedding catering in Delaware County and choose Newbolds Jenkintown!
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