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World restaurants The Aesthetic of the American Restaurant | Newbolds Jenkintown

The Aesthetic of the American Restaurant | Newbolds Jenkintown

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The term “American restaurant” has different meanings to different people – but there exists a few aspects of the American restaurant style that always hold true.

When considering the different times in American history, it’s easy to see how unique takes on the American style can shine through. Are you thinking of the prohibition era or of the classic 50’s? Are you modern in the 2020’s or kicking back to the 70’s?

Despite the variety, the classic feel of an American restaurant always prevails in some way. If you’re interested in learning more about our style and the Newbolds way, read on!

American Restaurant Seating, Lighting, and Decor

Few things are a better indicator of an American restaurant. When you walk through the doors, you notice that feeling of comfort and ease. But, this is only achieved with the proper combination of seating, lighting, and decor in the restaurant.

Our team carefully crafted the proper look and feel that we’d like our patrons to experience at Newbolds Jenkintown. We opted for lower-level lighting to set a particular mood at our establishment.

Whether you’re enjoying the bar or one of our many tables, you can’t help but feel at home. It invokes the feeling of comfort, yet it has a unique pairing of rustic and modern elements at every turn. The seating is designed to be welcoming yet chic, taking you back to early 1900’s America.

An American restaurant combines styles. It’s a melting-pot of design, just as the country is a melting pot of cultures and fusions. 

Tying it Together

With all of these different styles, an American restaurant is left with an interesting dilemma to tie it all together. Indeed, how is this done?

With a unique combination of food and drinks, anything is possible. At Newbolds, we proudly offer a large, fully-stocked bar to serve exactly the drinks that you’re looking for.

Of course, we provide American-style cuisine, back to our roots of pizza, burgers, and age-old entrees.

While the aesthetic is key, the American restaurant truly owes its roots to the food and libations offered. Yet, even with the food and drinks, a unique style is added. The American restaurant has a hallmark of diversity and twists on classics.

For example, the Newbolds Burger reigns as the classic choice. There’s a twist – we layer our Newbolds Secret Sauce on top! Notably, the aesthetic of the restaurant remains in the lighting, decor, seating, and more.

Our atmosphere pairs well together with our combination of food and drinks.

Fundamentally, there is no one-style of American restaurant – and that’s how it is meant to stay!

Come See For Yourself Today!

At our American restaurant in Jenkintown, PA, we’re always looking to make an ordinary evening spectacular. So, take a trip back to early America, and understand the aesthetic that we offer within our doors.

If you prefer take-out or delivery options, we offer them as well. Reserve a table, place an order for takeout, or get delivery right to your door through our online platforms.

We hope to see you soon at Newbolds!

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