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What's New? Supporting Fine Dining in Montgomery County PA During the COVID-19 Shutdown

Supporting Fine Dining in Montgomery County PA During the COVID-19 Shutdown

There’s no better place to enjoy a Newbolds meal than with friends and family, either indoors out outside. We’re always flexible, and always ready to serve!

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fine dining in montgomery count pa

Supporting Fine Dining in Montgomery County During COVID-19 Shutdown

Now more than ever, it is important to support your local fine dining in Montgomery County. The pandemic has been hard on all business but especially the food and drink industry. 

Moreover, this is largely due to the restrictions placed on restaurants for dining capacity. On top of that, many people were without work for a period of time making dining out unobtainable.

Furthermore, establishments like Newbolds that practice fine dining in Montgomery County have had to adapt and change. These changes are to keep customers and employees safe and satisfied. 

What The Pandemic has Done to Fine Dining in Montgomery County

In Montgomery County, much like other counties in PA, restaurants have had to comply with many of the state regulations. While these have changed and been altered over the last year, restaurants like Newbolds have stayed safe and vigilant. 

Additionally, Newbolds recognizes the severity of the pandemic and aims to bring people who enjoy fine dining in Montgomery County comfort with food. Not only is our initiative always aimed to provide quality but now more than ever, we aim to provide safety.

Furthermore, as the pandemic has evolved and changed, so has the restaurant business. From take out, to limited dining, to portion changes, staff reductions, etc., fine dining in Montgomery County has been modified. 

Community is Everything

Community is everything. Across all local business, no matter what industry, community is a driving factor for bettering business. 

Additionally, it can be said that just like a business takes care of the customer, the customers take care of the business. Small businesses could not run without the help of the local community and fine dining in Montgomery County is no exception. 

Furthermore, establishments practicing fine dining in Montgomery County could not have weathered the pandemic without the help of the community. The willingness for individuals in Montgomery County to prioritize eating out/take out dining is what kept many restaurants afloat. 

Healing Through Food

At Newbolds, we understand that food is healing. Food has the power to bring people together through the best of times, as well as the worst of times. 

Moreover, when people sit down together to experience a meal together, they are having a shared experience. Experiences like these bring people closer together. 

Additionally, Newbolds in Jenkintown aims to foster this shared experience for diners. Bringing people together through food, experience, and comfort is always important. 

Join Us

The pandemic has done a number on the fine dining in Montgomery County. However, hope prevails. 

Furthermore, with the help of the community and great people of Montgomery County, many establishments have been able to stay open. With hopefully the worst part of the storm weathered, things will start to look up for the dining industry. 

Any questions regarding fine dining in Montgomery County? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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