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Uncategorized Stop By for Happy Hour in Jenkintown

Stop By for Happy Hour in Jenkintown

If you’re looking to grab a quick bite to eat or sip on a cocktail, stop by Newbolds for happy hour in Jenkintown.

Our American restaurant is leading in the area for our tasteful atmosphere, cultured food, and handcrafted drinks. 

No matter what you’re searching for, we supply all types of moods. Want something casual? Prefer to dress up for a date night? Then, come check out Newbolds.

Truly, our staff and menu are here to provide the experience you desire. If you come for the drinks, we encourage you to stay for an appetizer or two.

So, if you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, keep reading.

Try Our Handcrafted Drink Menu

In case you don’t know where to start for happy hour, try out our handcrafted drink menu. Updated seasonally, we supply all types of alcoholic beverages.

Loosen up one evening at the bar by spending time with friends, family, or a partner. Happy hour in Jenkintown is the chance to relax and enjoy a few drinks together.

Indeed, we carry a wide selection of cocktails to suit anyone’s taste, beer for those who enjoy an authentic beverage, and wine for a special date. 

Some of the current cocktails we create:

  • Newbold Fashioned, includes bourbon and an orange peel 
  • Blood & Bitter Mule, includes blood orange vodka and lime & ginger beer
  • Cole Be Cold Brew Martini, includes cold brew vodka and creme de cacao
  • Cider Spritz, includes prosecco and apple cider

While these are just a few options for cocktail lovers, we still supply more on our full menu. So, if you prefer something sweet or bitter, we can direct you to our favorites.

On the other side, we offer plenty of beer such as:

  • Guinness Draft
  • Cape May Grapefruit Crushin It IPA
  • Allagash White Draft
  • Pizza Boy Armor Shark Double IPA

Beer fits perfectly with either the Newbolds Bacon Jam Burger or our veggie burger. Meanwhile, our wine selection works well with those who prefer to wind down or balance out their meal.

Some options from the wine list:

  • Cave Spring Riesling from Canada
  • Joliesse Pinot Noir Sonoma from California
  • Rata Estate Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand
  • Peirano Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain

However, if you stay past happy hour and decide to pair your drinks with a great meal or a to-go menu, we’ll make it happen.

Why Not Grab a Bite to Eat?

Of course, if you’ve had your drinks, why not grab a bite to eat at Newbolds? We promise our selection won’t disappoint no matter what you’re craving.

Again, we’re here to get you all set up with a menu whether you take a seat at the bar or request a table. Do you feel like experiencing a deliciously cooked meal without washing the dishes?

Or, do you want to do take-out and still enjoy your food just the same? Remember, Newbolds has your back with nourishing dinners for the win,

Furthermore, we understand that the holidays are a very busy time. This is our way of helping out any way we can.

Newbolds: Check Us Out for Happy Hour in Jenkintown

Come check out Newbolds for happy hour in Jenkintown. To emphasize, everyone deserves to relax with a drink in hand at the bar.

Our modern yet comforting atmosphere provides guests with just the place to do so. Craving cocktails or an IPA? Or, perhaps you’d like to splurge on a bottle of wine?
Either way, we hope you make a reservation at our restaurant soon!

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