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What's New? Revolutionizing Pizza in Jenkintown

Revolutionizing Pizza in Jenkintown

There’s no better place to enjoy a Newbolds meal than with friends and family, either indoors out outside. We’re always flexible, and always ready to serve!

– The Newbolds Team
Jenkintown Pizza

Until recently, pizza in Jenkintown has been just that, pizza. At Newbolds, sitting down to enjoy a fresh hot pizza is an experience. 

Moreover, the concept of pizza has changed so much over just the last decade. What was considered a game day finger food has expanded into something with more depth. 

At Newbolds, we combine the classic idea of pizza with new and exciting flavors that keep customers interested and satisfied. Pizza in Jenkintown will never be the same!

Not Just Another Place to Get Pizza in Jenkintown

At the heart of it, Newbolds aims to please. Providing customers with a worthy experience and giving them memories that they can hold on to for years to come. 

Additionally, we want to keep our manu fresh and exciting. We do this in hopes that our returning customers stay interested in our menu and our service. 

Furthermore, we don’t want to become just another place to get pizza in Jenkintown. We are always striving to be an establishment that people think of when they think of great pizza, fantastic service, and comfortable atmosphere.

A Little More Than Your Classic Cheese Pizza

Pizza shouldn’t be simple. At Newbolds we believe that the ingredients should be simple, but that’s just one piece of the pie. 

Furthermore, each pie made at Newbolds is unique in it’s own way. The flavors all serve to work with each other on each pie and are never conflicting. 

From classic red sauce pizzas with a twist, to more modern white pies, Newbolds has the pizza that will peak your interest and taste buds. With our use of a variety of vegetables, meats, mushrooms, and sauces, there is something for everybody.

No More Boring Pizza in Jenkintown

From “The Don Corleone” to “Sweet Babs,” Newbolds is constantly pushing the idea of what pizza truly is. The combination of different notes from what is on the pizza to what is in the pizza creates a whole new dining experience. 

Moreover, finding the perfect combination of simplicity and complexity in our dishes is always on our minds. It is important for all of the flavors to be there, but never to overwhelm the palette of the customer. 

Additionally, we value our customer’s time and money. This is why we are so dedicated to being consistent, timely, accommodating, and welcoming.

Come Have a Slice, or Maybe the Whole Pie

Newbolds has created a new standard for pizza in Jenkintown and aims to please a wide variety of customers. What is usually thought of as a delivery, game day, finger food, is something a bit more fulfilling at Newbolds. 

From our dedicated wait-staff, to our talented chefs, we aim to provide and create an experience that will satisfy any customer. If our customers are satisfied, so are we.

Any questions about Newbolds or our menu? Please reach out!

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