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Elegant food Origins of the American Restaurant
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Origins of the American Restaurant

The American restaurant is a relatively new concept to the modern world of cuisine. To say that an establishment is an American restaurant means many things.

First and foremost, the term American cuisine refers to a multitude of influences and food. There is no single origin of American cuisine rather a plethora of origins. 

Furthermore, this combination of food and recipes from all over the world. They call America, the great melting pot and the American restaurant is a perfect representation of that. 

Basically, American cuisine is food derived from all of the people who have immigrated to American over the last few hundred years or so. These are the people that make American cuisine so diverse and eclectic. 

What is an American Restaurant

So what is an American restaurant? Well, most people can classify an American restaurant by the style of cooking performed at the establishment. 

Moreover, this means that the style of cooking is different from traditional French style cooking but rather combines many styles. Much like the food prepared in an American restaurant, the style of cooking in an American restaurant is diverse as well. 

Additionally, American style cooking is basically a style of cooking that takes from countless cultures and peoples. This could be summarized by saying that there are no “rules” to American cooking. 

Newbolds American Restaurant, Montgomery County, PA

Newbolds is an American restaurant which provides American cuisine to the people of Montgomery county, PA. The menu is unique and interesting while remaining familiar to diners. 

Additionally, Newbolds restaurant maintains their classic American dishes such as a classic burger and fries but with a sophisticated twist. Along with this, Newbolds also specializes in classic style pizzas but with an added element of interesting ingredients.

Moreover, Newbolds boasts a menu that is both familiar but extremely diverse with it’s ingredients and style. The combination of classic dishes paired with a new and exciting approach is what makes Newbolds stand out. 

Styles of American Cuisine

There are many styles of American cuisine. Each style pulls from various cultures and backgrounds within and outside of America. 

These styles include:

  • Southern 
  • Barbeque
  • Cajun
  • Southwestern
  • Tex-mex
  • Northeast
  • Midwestern
  • Californian
  • Fast Food 
  • Fusion (Italian-American, Chinese-American, Greek-American, Pizza, Euro-Asian Cuisine, etc.)
  • Much more

While this is simply a small example of some styles one may see in an American restaurant, there are many more styles. Along with this, many of these styles are combined and blurred together making them impossible to really categorize. 

American Cuisine: A Celebration of Diversity

All in all, it can be said that the American restaurant is a celebration of diversity. From the styles of cooking, to the ingredients, down to the fusion of all of the above, American cuisine is eclectic and interesting. 

Curious about what makes Newbolds such an incredible American restaurant? Please do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to help you with any and all of your dining questions and needs.

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