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Newbolds Food & Libations
What's New? Montgomery County Bars | Best in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Bars | Best in Montgomery County

There’s no better place to enjoy a Newbolds meal than with friends and family, either indoors out outside. We’re always flexible, and always ready to serve!

– The Newbolds Team
montgomery county bars

Montgomery county bars can seem many in number, but few in top-quality. Luckily, this can all change with newbolds. Learn how we make the difference at our local bar!

Montgomery County Bars Require Great Service

Montgomery County Bars like Newbolds require amazing service in order to thrive. From the moment you enter the room, you can realize that Newbolds has something different about it.

Ultimately, all of the staff members in Montgomery County Bars like Newbolds should be top-tier. Our bartenders and hosts are always sure to spark conversations when invited and to create a feeling of being welcome.

While some Montgomery County Bars offer a decent bar experience, Newbolds is sure to bring out the best in your night. Our servers and bartenders pride themselves on excellent service that is unmatched in the area.

Montgomery County Bars With an Excellent Environment

Montgomery County Bars can seem easy to come by, but Newbolds goes above and beyond with the environment. The bar itself was very recently renovated and ready for action.

The decoration in the entire building is sure to interest any guest. It is in no way cluttered, but gives a warm sense of home with a touch of fun and engagement.

The atmospheric lighting on the walls and hanging from the ceiling gives the early-american era all the illumination it needs.

With good ventilation, temperature, and ample room, our bar is sure to please. We’re ready to see you stop by our Jenkintown bar at Newbolds!

Don’t Forget About The Great Drinks

Now, let’s get to the main events – the drinks at Montgomery County Bars. Be sure to come by and try out some of our famous favorites.

With beers on draft and plenty of drinks available, we look forward to seeing you soon. Newbolds offers one of the finest selections of bourbons in Jenkintown. Other Montgomery County Bars could try to compete, but may fall short!

Whether you’re looking for something light or something heavy, we’ve got just the drink for you. Our bartenders are trained to be able to find and mix the perfect drink for every occasion. 

Newbolds is also one of the Montgomery County Bars that has an excellent selection of wines that pair perfectly with our selection of food. 

Whether a red or a white kind of night, you can rest assured that your perfect pairing is behind the counter. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our menu, drinks, or Jenkintown bar, connect with our team today. We hope to see you soon!

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