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American Restaurant in Glenside
American Restaurant in Glenside

Newbolds Food & Libations considers itself the best American restaurant in Glenside. With our specialty meals and handcrafted drinks, it is the choice for your dining experience this evening.

How does one earn the title of American restaurant? After all, everyone has a different definition of it. 

Here’s our answer. America is a little bit of everything, which is why our food and drink menu offers a little bit of everything as well. 

Newbolds offers something for everyone. Whatever you’re in the mood for, I’m sure we’ve got something to satisfy your cravings. 

However, what truly brings everyone together as an American restaurant in Glenside is the people and food. Food is meant to be enjoyed with others, so call up your friends, family, and partners for a night to remember.

No matter the occasion you’re making a reservation for, we’re here to help make it the best.

What Occasion Are You Coming In For?

We’ve got the service, menu, and setting built for any occasion you want to join us.

  • Date night: We recommend an appetizer of escargot with warm garlic butter. For the entree, we suggest flavorful mushroom risotto. Don’t forget to spice it up with a little red wine and dessert!
  • Family dinner: Kids will love our oven-baked pizza and Newbolds burger with our secret sauce. Also try out our fried chicken sandwich paired with an IPA.
  • Take out: In addition to our selection of food for takeout, we also offer drinks to-go. Pick from our hand-picked beverages to enjoy at home.
  • Delivery: Newbolds is on your favorite delivery apps so you don’t have to worry about stepping foot outside. Your warm food comes right to your door!
  • Event: Newbolds offers large party events, so if you’re thinking of a celebration occasion, we’ve also got you covered.

Located nearby, Glenside is the perfect place to enjoy a night out on the town when you try our American restaurant in Glenside. Give us a call today or make a reservation on Opentable. We hope to see you there!


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm

Text or Call For Take-Out: 215-589-0736

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