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Date Night Restaurants in Jenkintown

If you’re looking for one of the best date night restaurants in Jenkintown, look no further. Newbolds Jenkintown has everything you need for a romantic evening out with your spouse. From the environment, the ambience, the food, and the libation selection, we offer everything your other favorite date night restaurants in Jenkintown might not offer.

Once you see the options we have available, you’ll find it hard to go anywhere else. Keep reading to find out what makes Newbolds such a special spot!

Date Night Restaurants in Jenkintown Begin With Food

The greatest restaurants in Jenkintown offer you something that you can’t get anywhere else. Newbolds is no exception to this rule. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to try authentic American cuisine that you’ve never had before, and you certainly don’t want to try cooking at him.

One look at our menu, and you’ll be hooked. Our current menu is offering selections like:

  • Paccheri Pasta Cacio E Pepe
  • Salmon With Spinach and White Wine Butter Sauce
  • Pasta With Milk Braised Pork
  • Newbolds Bacon Jam Burger With Bacon & Onion Jam
  • And much more!

Plus, what date night is complete without a delicious, sweet dessert? Our desserts are always changing here at Newbolds, so make sure to ask your server about the dessert of the day!

Date Night Restaurants in Jenkintown End With LIbations

While date night restaurants in Jenkintown begin with delicious food, they often end with some of our famous libations. There’s nothing better than enjoying somebody’s company while sipping your favorite drink, and enjoying the meal that it is paired perfectly with. 

With a massive selection of different beers, wines, ciders, and cocktails, we have something that will make everybody’s night just a little bit better. Check out these signature cocktails, which would be perfect for a date night!

  • Newbold Fashioned – Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, and Orange Peel
  • Crushin’ on Sarah – Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Lime, and Sprite
  • First Date – Tequila, Lime, Strawberry Puree, and Sparkling Rose

Whether you’re a picky drinker, or you’re willing to try anything, our signature house-made cocktails are guaranteed to help with your experience at one of the best restaurants in Jenkintown.

Contact Newbolds Jenkintown Today!

Next time it’s time to go, come to the best restaurant in Jenkintown, Newbolds. Whether it’s a first date, or a 50th anniversary dinner, we’ll be there to help you make sure it’s a night to remember.

From unique and delicious cuisine, to famous cocktails, and our unforgettable environment, Newbolds is sure to give you the best date experience possible.

To schedule a reservation at one of the best date night restaurants in Jenkintown, contact us today!

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