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Local Drinks
Local Drinks

Here at Newbolds Jenkintown, you can enjoy the libations in Glenside PA. Whether you're looking for a cold beer after work, a glass of wine with dinner, or a craft cocktail with friends, we've got you covered. No matter if it's just a casual dinner, or a business meeting, Newbolds is the right place for you. Stop in to get some

Here at Newbolds Jenkintown, we pride ourselves on being a jack of all trades. While we’re known for our craft beer selection, delicious pizza, and unique entrees, we also pride ourselves on offering the best wine bar in Jenkintown. It’s typically said that a jack of all trades is a master of none, but here at Newbolds, we like to consider

Here in Jenkintown, it’s hard to find a place that has all of your favorite craft beers in one location. If you find yourself searching for craft beer in Jenkintown you’ve come to the right place. Here at Newbolds Jenkintown, we pride ourselves on carrying all of your favorite types of beer, either on tap, in can or bottle, or to

Upscale drinks aren’t a luxury that you can find everywhere. When visiting most bars, you’ll usually find the same few beers and cocktails offered at every location. Here at Newbolds Jenkintown, we’re not like most bars. In fact, we’re not a bar at all. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your home, someplace where you can come

Finding the best Abington bars can be difficult. Being located directly above North Philadelphia, there are hundreds of drinking holes offering their services every night. Only one stands above them all, and that’s us, Newbolds Jenkintown.  Located near the south side of Abington township, we at Newbolds take pride in being the best Abington bar around. So what exactly sets us


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm

Text or Call For Take-Out: 215-589-0736

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