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Elegant food Best Pizza Near Montgomery County

Best Pizza Near Montgomery County

Finding the best pizza near Montgomery County can be a challenge. With so many pizza shops around the area, it would take years to try them all and decide on the best. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you that Newbolds Jenkintown has the best pizza near Montgomery County. Our artisan approach to this classic dish makes our pizzas a step above the rest. 

With so many options, what sets us apart from the others? Do we have options that are right for you? Keep reading below to find out about our wide variety of recipes, and which one is best suited to treat your taste buds. 

Only The Best Ingredients

While many restaurants simply choose the cheapest option for their ingredients, we believe that you deserve the best. Our ingredients are specifically chosen to fit our recipes perfectly. From our shaved parmesan cheese to our Italian sausage, each of our ingredients come from the best suppliers and have been meticulously prepared to best fit each pie, making it the best pizza near Montgomery County.

In addition to our high quality ingredients and thoroughly planned recipes, our unique tomato sauce sets us apart. Other pizza places simply take their sauce directly from cans, not us. Our tomato sauce is smoked to perfection, giving it a unique, smoky flavor. Once you try it once, you won’t be able to have another pizza without it.

An Abundance of Options

The best pizza near Montgomery County has something for even the pickiest of eaters. With nine completely unique pies, Newbolds Jenkintown is sure to have something that will keep you coming back for more. From red pies to white pies, meat lovers to vegetarian options, and changing seasonal options, you’ll want to come back to try them all. 

Our Jenkinton location is currently offering pizzas such as:

  • Newbolds Original
    • A basic four cheese blend with our unique tomato sauce.
  • The Don Corleone
    • A cheese pizza topped with Italian sausage and peppers, completed with our signature sauce. 
  • The Popeye
    • Topped with fresh spinach, pepperoni, and garlic.
  • The Leila
    • A plain cheese pizza made with extra smoked tomato sauce, and fresh smoked mozzarella.
  • Detroit Style Pan Pizza
    • A thick rectangular pizza with a soft and chewy crust, completed with our signature sauce and fresh mozzarella. 

Along with these signature red pizzas, we also offer several different white pizzas topped with various ingredients. Check out our menu to find your perfect pizza, and the best drink to go with it!

Best Pizza Near Montgomery County – Contact Us Today!

We know that once you try our hand-crafted artisan style pizza, you’ll never want to go anywhere else for a pie. Don’t order plain old pizza anymore, make it an experience. Here at Newbolds, we offer different options to make every experience different. 

Before your main course, try one of our appetizers, finding the one that compliments the pizza the best. Our many house cocktails mean that you get a different drink with every pie you order, finding out which you like best. All of these options and more make us undoubtedly the best pizza near Montgomery County. 

Are you hungry yet? Contact us today to make a reservation!

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