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Elegant food An American Restaurant in Willow Grove PA with a Twist
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An American Restaurant in Willow Grove PA with a Twist

What makes an American restaurant in Willow Grove PA so great? Well, short answer, a lot of things. While a restaurant relies on food, it’s central pillars also include the environment and staff.

At Newbolds, we boast an excellent downtown location near the local theatre. If you’re looking for an after-or-pre-show meal, we’ve got you covered! We have parking directly behind the restaurant, so you can always have a place to go.

As we all know, a restaurant is much more than just food. Honestly, the guests and patrons make Newbolds who we are today. 

But getting out of the weeds, Newbolds offers excellent food and drinks for all guests. If you’re interested in learning more, read on!

How Can An American Restaurant in Willow Grove PA Impress?

An American restaurant in Willow Grove PA should be designed to WOW guests. At Newbolds, that’s just what we’ve done.

With a high-end food and drinks list, you’re sure to be impressed when you step through our doors.

We have recently installed pizza ovens in our restaurant, and are crafting pizzas right in our doors. While we have a list of specialty pizzas, we also offer a list of toppings to craft custom pies.

Yet, that’s not all. An American restaurant in Willow Grove PA wouldn’t be complete without the incorporation of custom lights and furniture. At our bar, you’ll feel like your back in early 20th century America. 

With the ambiance and environment and staff behind us, it’s hard to stumble! Read on to learn how our food and drinks have been impressing guests.

Top-Tier Food and Drinks in Willow Grove PA

At Newbolds, an American restaurant in Willow Grove PA quickly becomes more than just another restaurant. With the staff and building covered, now let’s get into the meat of the matter.

Newbolds signature fried chicken has been renowned in the greater Philadelphia area. Or, if you’re not a chicken person, give one of our Newbolds burgers, with a signature sauce, a try!

And that’s just the beginning. If you’re looking for a fancier night out, we’ve got you covered with premier dishes.

What goes better with pizza, fried chicken, or a burger than beer? Nothing, honestly. Or, if you’re going for one of the finer dishes, how about a glass of wine? 

At Newbolds, our American restaurant in Willow Grove PA offers a wide variety of drinks to pair with your meals. Check out our menu for all the latest info.


Okay, we’ve talked long enough – now it’s time for some action! If you’re interested in seeing our full menu, it can be found on our website in our main navigation.

Whether you’re interested in food or drink, we are here! Pay us a visit and you’ll be happy that you did.

So, what’ll it be? If you’re interested in take-out or delivery services, that is available for your convenience. We hope to see you at Newbolds soon!

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