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Elegant food American Restaurants for Birthday Dinner

American Restaurants for Birthday Dinner

Everybody looks forward to their birthday. However, with so many options, it can be almost impossible to pick where to go. When your special day comes around, you shouldn’t have to stress about finding a place to eat.

Besides, no restaurants compare to Newbolds when it comes to an American restaurant for birthday dinner.

What makes Newbolds the best restaurant for your special day? Keep reading to find out!

Treat Yourself with A Taste of Americana

Whether you’re having a formal celebration or a casual night out, Newbolds has the environment and the menu for you. Our dining room has the class of an authentic Italian Bistro, with the familiarity of your local neighborhood pub. This ensures that no matter what mood you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at Newbolds.

This is taken one step further with our menu. If you want to treat yourself to a fine dining experience, try some of these menu items:

  • Salmon With Spinach and White Wine Butter Sauce
  • Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Arugula Salad, Shaved Parmesan and Lemon Dressing
  • Pork Chop with Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Mustard Cream Sauce

If you’d rather eat casual, that’s okay too. Try some of these famous Newbolds originals:

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich with with Coleslaw, Newbolds Secret Sauce and French Fries
  • Newbolds Burger with Lettuce and Tomato, Newbolds Secret Sauce, and French Fries
  • Some of our all time famous pizza! Like:
    • The Don Corleone, with Italian sausage and peppers

No matter what mood you’re in, Newbolds Jenkintown is the perfect American restaurant for birthday dinner.

Create Memories With Cocktails

Not only is Newbolds the best American restaurant for birthday dinner, they’re the best bar as well. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a special drink? At Newbolds, we take pride in offering a plethora of specialty cocktails that nowhere else can recreate. With seven beers on tap, plus more in bottles and cans, as well as a selection of top-shelf liquors and mixers, there is sure to be something that can make your special day even more special.

To get started, we recommend some of these specialty cocktails taken directly from our menu. 

  • Garden Gin – Gin, Cardamom, Strawberry Puree, Lemon and Club Soda
  • First Date – Tequila, Lime, Strawberry Puree, Sparkling Rose
  • Crushin on Sarah – Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Lime, and Sprite. 

If you’ve got other ideas, don’t worry, we can make them too. Whatever drink that can make your night even better is our specialty.

Contact Newbolds Jenkintown Today!

Stop stressing about where to eat on your birthday! Choose Newbolds Jenkintown, the best American restaurant for birthday dinner. No matter what mood you’re in, what you like to eat, or what you like to drink, Newbolds has plenty of options. 

Don’t wait! Schedule a reservation for your birthday now! Whether it’s a large party or you’re coming in to dine by yourself, we’re happy to see you here. See why Newbolds Jenkintown is the best American restaurant for birthday dinner. Contact us today!

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