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American Restaurant in Jenkintown
American Restaurant in Jenkintown

Newbolds proudly considers itself the best American restaurant in Jenkintown. With our specially crafted menu and delectable drinks, your choice for dining out is here. 

So, how does an establishment earn the title of an American restaurant? What does the term even mean? The words “American restaurant” have a specific meaning to each individual. Well, once you step foot inside, you’ll see what it means to us.

Designed with a specific and tasteful view in mind, Newbolds is the picture of hospitality. We provide comfortable seating, gracious servers, and a welcoming atmosphere so that you enjoy every minute of your meal.

However, what really makes us the American restaurant in Jenkintown is our food. Food is what brings people together. That’s why our menu is filled with options to fit the palate of any mood. 

Coming in For…

Coming in for….

  • Date night? We recommend an appetizer of tasty escargot and entree of pan-roasted scallops with warm potatoes. Add a little bit of pinot noir from California for extra romance.
  • Family dinner? Bring the kids for a night out of our shrimp pasta and a Newbolds burger with our secret added sauce!
  • Take out? We have your back with any selection of foods and drinks from our to-go menu for an evening without cooking.
  • Home Delivery? You don’t have to take a step foot outside because Newbolds delivers delicious food right to your door. Check us out on any food delivery app you prefer to make your night simple.

Located right in the heart of Jenkintown, we want to provide people with carefully created meals to satisfy their cravings. Truly, our cocktails, pizza, entrees, and beer selection make us one of the best places to go out to eat. 

Come make a reservation tonight at Newbolds, an American restaurant in Jenkintown.


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm

Text or Call For Take-Out: 215-589-0736

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