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Newbolds Food & Libations
Elegant food A Local American Restaurant in Glenside PA
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A Local American Restaurant in Glenside PA

If you’re looking for an American Restaurant in Glenside PA, then you’re in the right place! Ultimately, we know that a lot of people are trying to find the perfect spot. Well, what kind of restaurant are you looking for?

If you’re looking for a classic spot, Newbolds is the place for you. Our team, food, and ambiance are elegant and always hit the spot.

What are you looking for in your meal for tonight? How about some freshly crafted pizza made right in our modern pizza ovens? How about signature fried chicken? Or maybe a burger with signature Newbolds sauce?

No matter, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Ready to learn more about our American restaurant in Glenside PA? Let’s get started! We are so glad that you’re here!

An American Restaurant in Glenside PA Delectable Meals

Of course, an American Restaurant in Glenside PA isn’t complete without top-class meals. When preparing all of our food, we keep great American history in mind.

Plus, we always consider the customer first. When we prepare our fried chicken or our classic Newbolds burgers, consistency is key.

Yet, consistency isn’t enough for creating the perfect meal. If something is consistent, but not good, there is no point. That’s why we perfected our recipes to deliver a high-end meal to our customers. Stop in to learn more!

The Role of Team and Building at an American Restaurant in Glenside PA

While food is essential, a premier American Restaurant in Glenside PA will have a top-tier wait staff and environment.

Between the bartenders, chefs, cooks, servers, and hosts and hostesses, we only rely on the best. We believe that every individual plays a crucial role at Newbolds Jenkintown. Because we believe in excellence, we only hire for excellence.

We always tell our staff that they play a vital role in the organization of a restaurant. Meals can make someone happy, but human interaction is what makes dining a true experience.

Plus, we have completely set the scene for a premier dining experience. With the lighting, furniture, and more, you’ll feel right at home at Newbolds.

Whether you’re looking for…

  • Date Night
  • Family dinner night out
  • Takeout
  • Delivery

Newbolds has just the thing for you! Check out our menu to learn more.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re not already in your car (or your favorite delivery/ordering app), you’re missing out! We hope to see you at Newbolds soon for dine-in or take-out. If you do get delivery, we hope that you enjoy it!

Our team is fully dedicated to customer experience. As a premier American restaurant in Glenside, PA, we strive for excellence. 

Some people rave about our classic fried chicken and burgers, and others truly enjoy the newer introduction of pizza to the store. Whatever you prefer, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy your evening at Newbolds.

So, take a seat, kick back, get a drink, and relax at Newbolds tonight!

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