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Newbolds Food & Libations
Elegant food A Hotspot for Food & Libations in Montgomery County PA

A Hotspot for Food & Libations in Montgomery County PA

Looking for your newest and tastiest hotpot for food and libations in Montgomery County PA? Search no further, Newbolds is right for you.

Here at Newbolds, we want to cater to your every need. That’s why we take pride in our dinner and drinks menu. A combination of classy and comfy, our selection of dishes provide a choice for everyone.

So, whether you prefer a starter of escargot with garlic butter or a Newbolds burger with our secret sauce, we have you covered.

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Come Hungry, Leave Full and Happy
The steps to a great restaurant experience include coming hungry and leaving full and happy after eating at Newbolds.

Moreover, we offer a variety of starters and entrees to satisfy whatever you’re craving. When our guests are happy, we’re happy. We offer foods that provide comfort, as well as introduce your taste buds to new flavors.

Our menu is always up to date with the seasons and we love to receive feedback on the quality of our many dishes.

Expect a welcoming environment whether you sit inside or outside when you dine with us. Of course, our team is here to help you find the best spot in the house to enjoy your meal. We know that where you sit is just as important as how your food tastes.

Next, take a look at our libations menu for a chance to find your new favorite!

The Best Place for Food & Libations in Montgomery County PA
We guarantee that Newbolds is the best place for food and libations in Montgomery County PA. Additionally, we have a wide array of drinks to offer to accommodate your meal

.Our list of libations include:

  • Cocktails. Switch it up with something fruity, sweet, or salty with our signature crafted cocktails.
  • Beer. We offer our beers on draft, as well as a number of flavorful IPAs.
  • Wine. Can we get you a glass or a bottle? White or red, take your pick!

It’s important to pair your choice of entree with the correct drink. Our bartenders take care to create the most exquisite drink to go with your meal of the evening.

So, whether you stick with your regular draft beer or be spontaneous and order a cocktail, we’ll make it perfect just for you!

There’s an endless variety of food and libations pairings to offer you. Our bar is always stocked and ready to go when you arrive.

Let us take care of you this evening by putting a cold beer in your hand or giving you a straw to sip on your savory cocktail.

Visit Us at Newbolds in Montgomery County PA
Newbolds wants you to visit us in Montgomery County PA! We love seeing new faces and always welcoming back returning guests with open arms.

Take a seat at the bar and order a tasty beverage or enjoy a relaxing evening when you sit in our outdoor seating area.

Again, our excellent selection of starters, entrees, beer, and wine will make you want to come hungry and leave full! There’s no better place to stop for food and libations than Newbolds.

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